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Welcome to The Official Lodestar Website

Welcome to the official website for North Carolina's premiere roots/pop band Lodestar...

Please note that we are currently working on a new website that should be up and runnig around mid-April. Check back to this locale for a link to the new site. While we have enjoyed our time here at Indie, their inability to help us get our links up and running and pesky other little problems have forced us to construct a new website.

The new site will feature lots of additional pages and information, as well as sound files and video streaming. Bare with us while we transition into our new cyber home...

Here's the latest on what the critics are saying about the new National Cheer disc...

"... National Cheer is full of rapid-fire power pop remniscent of acts including Velvet Crush and Paul Westerberg. The thing about Lodestar though, is unlike artists who wear their Big Star influences on their sleeve, this band is able to turn it off in favor of other equally interesting influences... I predict that buying this CD will set you up to be the guy or girl who is able to say 'Yeah, I've been listening to them since National Cheer' when this band finally gets a major label deal. Notice I say when, rather than if." - Devin Grant, The Charleston Post and Courier (Charleston, SC) March 2001

"Leapfrogging over their 1997 release, Jehovahcaine, Lodestar has drawn influences from the recent Britrock/pop scene, infusing catchy melodies with a heavier guitar sound, doses of violin, piano, and organ, that add more texture and a swirling mix that's filled with ambient echo. This is undoubtedly Lodestar's record and one that's worth checking out very soon." - David Pasquale, Musicomet Magazine (Southeastern US) March 2001

"Sporting a satchel full of new material, Lodestar's sound has imploded back into itself and the results are admirable to say the least. It's the sound of a band that has found how many licks it takes (or doesn't take) to get to the center of their pop, and that's decided not to let the amps get in the way of good, solid songwriting. The new full-length National Cheer is one of the best local releases I've heard... It's filled with moodier instrumentation and splashed with country... not a weak track in the bunch..." - Tim Davis, Creative Loafing (Charlotte, NC) Feb. 2001

National Cheer will be in stores soon!

We have been getting a lot of requests for the new National Cheer c.d. Lodestar's newest release will be available in stores in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee by mid-June. The release has been delayed because the band has been in the process of securing a label deal for the record. An Atlanta-based start-up label called the Trifecta Media Group will be releasing the record. Tentative release dates is scheduled for June 15th.

Isadorah's Scarf Recording Group, a Charlotte based label/distributor, has picked up Lodestar's sacharine pop debut "Jehovahcaine" and has it available on their website at:

The National Cheer c.d. will be available there also in mid-June.

Get in touch with Lodestar!

Need to contact the band?

Catch Lodestar Live!

Thursday, March 29th - Fat City, Charlotte, NC with the Young Antiques
Friday, March 30th - The Wind Jammer, Isle of Palms, SC with Jumbowood
Saturday, March 31st - The Music Farm, Charleston, SC with the Blue Dogs
Saturday, April 7th - Dark Horse Tavern, Atlanta, GA with the Young Antiques
Wednesday, April 11th - Tremont Music Hall, Charlotte, NC (Hosting open mic night)
Thursday, April 19th - Double Door, Charlotte, NC (Jeff Williams at "Songwriter's In The Round" night)
Saturday, May 5th - Elbow Room, Columbia, SC with Jolene
Friday, May 11th - Tremont Music Hall(Casbah), Charlotte, NC with Poprocket
Friday, May 18th - Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC with TBA
Wednesday, May 23rd - The Evening Muse (Jeff Williams/Songwriters In The Round Night), Charlotte, NC with Jay Garrigan, Mike Garrigan, and John Crooke
Saturday, May 26th - The Garage, Winston Salem, NC
Friday, June 2nd - Mojo Food and Spririts, Charlotte, NC with Tender Idols and Dodd Ferrelle and the Tinfoil Stars
Friday, June 8th - Caledonia Lounge, Athens, GA with Dodd Ferrelle and the Tinfoil Stars and Slobberbone
Saturday, June 9th - Velvet Elvis, Savannah, GA with Dodd Ferrelle and the Tinfoil Stars
Saturday, June 15th - Garbo's, Charlotte, NC
Saturday, June 23rd - Red Lion Pub, Augusta, GA with Tender Idols
Friday, July 20th - Somber Reptile, Atlanta, GA w/ Young Antiques
Wednesday, July 25th - Double Door, Charlotte, NC (opening for Freeloader)
Saturday, July 28th - Garbo's, Charlotte, NC (acoustic set - opening for Greta Lee)
Wednesday, August 8th - Double Door, Charlotte, NC
Sunday, August 19th - Tonic Outdoor Festival, Charlotte, NC
Saturday, August 25th - Evening Muse, Charlotte, NC (Glory Fountain opens)